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Closing the Learning Gap with Asia: A Strategy for Top Students in the U.S.

U.S. Lags Far Behind Asia in Math and Science Education The U.S. lags behind China, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea in its level of math and ...

The Best External Power Banks for Gaming Laptops

The Problem: As more PC manufacturers (HP, Apple, Lenovo, etc.) shift to use of non-removable, sealed batteries in their laptops, you can no longer ...

The Best Portable/Foldable Solar Panels

Purpose Ideal for the occasional solar panel user, portable (foldable) solar panels can be stored in a compact space and pulled out only when needed. ...

The Best Portable Solar Generators/Power Stations

Good at Many Things, Great at None Known by various names — portable solar generators, portable power stations, portable generators, power banks — ...

The Best Power Banks for Small Laptops/Chromebooks

Do you run out of power when using your small laptop or chromebook when you're on the road? Although you can use one of the large power banks for gaming ...

Cool Japanese T-shirts for Japanophiles

Don't Just Be Cool -- Be Kakkoii (格好いい) with Your Japanese T-shirts! Just as fashion trends from the past may look weird and even laughable today, ...

Online Asian Supermarkets – Amazon vs Weee!

Weee! vs. Amazon Weee! is a major Asian and Hispanic e-grocer that offers more than 15,000 products with shipping across the continental U.S. They have ...

Martin Armstrong — The Guru for Amateur Investors

I consider myself an amateur investor. For 20+ years, I have been constantly looking for the best sources of authoritative information and guidance. Over ...

Disaster Preparedness: Lessons from Japan

Intended Audience Although I am not a professional in disaster preparedness, I have experienced a number of disasters in Japan and the USA over 30+ ...

Translatable Jokes

As a parent of children whose native language is not English, I had trouble sharing some of the most amusing and entertaining jokes and riddles that I ...

Absurdist Jokes / Nonsense Jokes / Anti-Jokes / Non-sequitur Jokes

My favorite nonsense jokes from middle school: If there are 10,000 stars in the sky, how many pancakes does it take to paint a doghouse purple? Answer: ...

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