Cool Japanese T-shirts for Japanophiles

Don’t Just Be Cool — Be Kakkoii (格好いい) with Your Japanese T-shirts!
Just as past fashion trends may look weird and even laughable today, sometimes that kanji or hiragana/katakana on your T-shirt may not give the intended impression to Japanese people. And so, I’m presenting some T-shirts that even Mrs. JapanDude (born and raised in Japan) would agree are kakkoii (=cool, hip) to the Japanese eye.
Godzilla + Tsunami + Mt. FujiGodzilla + WarshipKing Ghidorah + Tsunami
Our Ratings — JapanDude: 10, Mrs. JapanDude: 9
9.5Expert Score
Powerful Mix of Traditional and Modern Japan!

Made from 100% cotton, these officially licensed Toho Products combine images from Hokusai’s famous Ukiyo-e prints with the modern Godzilla to show your deep appreciation of Japanese culture and history. The Japanese text is simple and puts a clever twist on Hokusai’s work. It reads: “富嶽三十六景大怪獣ノ図” (closeup image). Another interesting twist with these T-shirts is that the design is ON THE BACK. The front is adored with a small “GODZILLA” mark over the chest.

  • Great design: Traditional and modern Japan in one shirt
  • Officially licensed product
  • 100% soft cotton, great fabric feel
  • Refined: No outrageous Japanese phrases
  • Give off a little bit of an otaku (nerdish) vibe
  • Pricey due to being an officially licensed product

Also Great — Sushi and Takoyaki Octopus!
Large Sushi OctopusOsaka Takoyaki: The Thirsty Octopus
Our Ratings — JapanDude: 10, Mrs. JapanDude: 9

Vintage Japanese Brands for a Natsukashii (懐かしい, nostalgic) Feel
Sapporo BeerYebisu BeerSakura BeerIchigo (Strawberry) Milk
Our Ratings: JapanDude: 9, Mrs. JapanDude: 9
9Expert Score
More Subtle, but Your Japanese Friends Will Love Them

These designs of long-established Japanese beer brands (Sapporo, Yebisu, and Sakura) and drinks (Ichigo Milk) will draw friendly smiles of recognition from your Japanese friends. The fabric is not as good as the Godzilla T-shirts, but you can get these for about half the price! These designs will present an image of you as someone who has known Japan for a long time.

  • Subtle, low-key feel
  • Reasonable price
  • Meaning may pass over the heads of your American friends (Sapporo and Yebisu T-shirts don't even have "beer" in English!)
  • Cheaper fabric
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