Online Asian Supermarkets – Amazon vs Weee!

Weee! vs. Amazon
Weee! is a major Asian and Hispanic e-grocer that offers more than 15,000 products with shipping across the continental U.S. They have many hard-to-find goods from around the globe. If you live near one of their distribution centers, you can also get next-day delivery on fresh produce, meat, seafood, and more. Delivery is free for orders over $35.
Amazon also has a major selection and, if you have Amazon Prime, has quick and free shipping too. You can also place small orders with ease.
Whereas Weee! sometimes has items sold out, because of its third party sellers, Amazon will typically have hard-to-find items in stock, although it may be at an exorbitant price.

Our Verdict
For small ticket items (items less than $5), Weee! is more likely to have the better price and a greater variety. You might also be eligible for next-day delivery on fresh produce, meat, and fish too. In that sense, Weee! very much resembles your local Asian supermarket in terms of selection.
Amazon has a wider selection of items overall, and will undoubtedly many items that you are unable to find on Weee!, especially non-food items too (like the sushi rolling mat and rice cooker below).
Mrs. JapanDude commented that Weee! uses the “throw-in method” (投げ込み式) for packaging so that all of your items are just thrown in a box for shipping. That means that delicate items like potato chips will often get crushed by the canned goods. Despite this complaint, she still orders from Weee! regularly.
  • Cheap, single items available at good prices
  • Wide variety for certain items
  • Only $35 to qualify for free shipping
  • Items often not available or out of stock
  • Items are not packed carefully, i.e. canned goods sometimes crush other contents
  • Broader range of products (but less variety within these products)
  • Great prices on high-ticket items, i.e., rice cookers, sushi rolling mats
  • If you don’t have Amazon Prime, shipping may take a long time and be expensive
  • Although there is a wide selection, you might be paying too much for certain items, particularly those from 3rd party vendors

Price Comparison
Here’s a price comparison between Weee! and Amazon based on holding an at-home sushi party (assuming that you get the food ingredients locally).

Just sprinkle on for quick and easy sushi rice!

Sheet Nori (50 sheets)
Wrap and eat!

Sushi Rolling Kit
Roll like a pro!
Not available$15.99Not available

Sushi Soy Sauce

Wasabi (in tube)

Instant Miso Soup
$4.79$2.99$3.49 (and wider selection available)
$19.00 (3-pack, $6.33 ea.)$3.49$6.99

Rice Cooker
Make great rice anytime!
$192.67 (and wider selection available)
Prices and availability as of September 20, 2023
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