The Best Power Banks for Small Laptops/Chromebooks

Do you run out of power when using your small laptop or chromebook when you’re on the road? Although you can use one of the large power banks for gaming laptops that we reviewed, you probably want a lightweight solution. We present the best compact power banks that can run your small laptop for hours!

Versatile Pick
Bulky But Versatile:
Bulky size, but it can provide everything you need — AC outlet (100 W max.), USB-A ports (2), and USB-C port. 27000 mAh (98 Wh) capacity.
  • AC outlet (100 W max.) for versatility
  • Reasonable price
  • 2 USB-A ports & 1 PD (USB-C) port
  • TSA approved for travel (carry-on only)(Check latest rules before departure)
  • Bulky (slightly larger than a 500 ml water bottle) and somewhat heavy

Ultraslim Pick
Ultraslim Pick, Best Choice for USB only Charging:
Lots of power packed into an ultraslim size. USB-C ports (2) and USB-A port (1). 25000 mAh (91 Wh) capacity.
  • Ultraslim size
  • Reasonable price
  • Impressive power capacity for its size
  • USB-C x 2, USB-A x 1 ports
  • TSA approved for travel (carry-on only)(Check latest rules before departure)
  • None if you just need USB-A and USB-C charging

Also Great
Also Great:
Midsize power bank with attractive display. USB-C ports (2) and USB-A ports (1). 20,000 mAh (73 Wh) capacity.
  • USB-C x 2, USB-A x 1 ports
  • Compact size
  • Attractive and easy-to-read display
  • TSA approved for travel (carry-on only)(Check latest rules before departure)
  • Somewhat pricey for the power capacity
  • Lowest power capacity of the three power banks here
Figuring Out How Much Power You Need
Step 1: Find Your Computer’s Maximum Power
This is written on the power adapter. It is either written in large text as 45W, 120W, or similar, or you can figure it out from the numbers 19.5V===2.31A, 19.5V===6.15A, and so on, on the adapter. Because W = V x A, multiplying 19.5V x 2.21A gives us 45W (image below), and multiplying 19.5V x 6.15A gives us 120W.
Step 2: Find the Power Bank’s Maximum Power Output (Not Power Storage Capacity)
To determine if a power bank will work for your computer, the most important spec is maximum power output, not power capacity. This is often displayed as “100W max”, “250W max”, or similar. Even if a battery pack has a high capacity of 20,000 mAh (73 Wh) to 27,000 mAh (98 Wh), most cannot continuously supply power to run devices at more than 90W.
It’s like having a water tank that is full (=lots of stored power), but it can only supply water in a small trickle like a water fountain (= low power output) — Forget about taking a shower with that water output! A battery pack must be capable of spurting out power like a high-pressure jet stream to keep a high-power laptop running.

When Your Power Bank Won’t Charge Your Laptop
If your power bank won’t charge your laptop, you will need a power bank with a larger power output (power banks for gaming laptops are reviewed here), but sometimes you can get it to charge your laptop when your laptop is turned off because it requires less power.

How Long Will It Run?
Because about 10% to 15% of power is lost during power conversion, which is normal for all power banks, use the following formula to calculate how long a selected power bank will run your device.
(Power capacity of power bank (Wh)) x 0.85 / (Device wattage (W))
And so, if your device is averaging 30 W usage, for instance, for the 91 Wh power bank below, we get 91 Wh x 0.85 / 30 W= 2.58 hours.

Product Specs
100W AC, 60W PD USB-C x 1, USB-A x 2
27000 mAh (98 Wh)
7.6 x 3.27 x 3.19 in, 2.03 lbs.
130W (max. 100 W per device), USB-C x 2, USB-A x 1
25000 mAh (91 Wh)
6.10 x 3.15 x 1.10 in, 1.01 lbs.
High-performance Choice
Check Prices
100W per device (200W total), USB-C x 2, USB-A x 1
20,000 mAh (73 Wh)
5.00 x 2.15 x 1.96 in, 1.06 lbs.

TSA Travel Regulations
When traveling, because hazardous items (knives, guns, etc.) are allowed in checked luggage in the United States, it’s easy to assume that you can also put your power bank in your checked luggage. However, that’s not the case. Because of the very rare but real flammable hazard posed by these devices, most are NOT allowed in checked luggage, and are only allowed in carry-on bags up to certain sizes.
– Power banks up to 100 Wh: Allowed in carry-on bags only
– Power banks from 101-160 Wh: Up to two power banks are allowed in carry-on bags with airline approval
Please check the TSA page and your airline for the latest regulations and the regulations of the countries where you are traveling.
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